Building sustainable peacetime economies in the aftermath of war

Drugs and (Dis)order is a Global Challenges Research Fund project generating new evidence on how to transform illicit drug economies into peace economies in Afghanistan, Colombia and Myanmar.

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May 14, 2020

After coca, what? Colombia’s failing illicit crop substitution programme

Coca farmers are wanting to engage with the national illicit crop substitution programme. But patience is wearing thin. They need viable alternatives, now.

April 20, 2020

Addressing coronavirus in conflict zones: three factors policymakers should consider

Governments must move quickly to level with their citizens about the nature of the threat and get them involved in finding solutions. Given what is at stake, there is not a moment to lose.

April 16, 2020

Mastering the art of living with radical uncertainty in Afghanistan

While the West struggles with the uncertainty of coronavirus, for Afghanistan it's a way of life, and opium poppy cultivation is an important part.

April 9, 2020

The intimidation and assassination of social leaders: Colombia’s other pandemic

Social leader Marco Rivadeneira was murdered during the COVID-19 mayhem – intimidation has not ceased as has been reported.

Policy Briefs
March 3, 2020

Illicit drugs and tough trade-offs in war-to-peace transitions

A new policy paper makes the case for including illicit drugs in Agenda 2030, particularly Sustainable Development Goal16.

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The research programme will draw on empirical data from Afghanistan, Colombia and Myanmar


Afghanistan is estimated to produce 90% of heroin consumed in the UK. We're working in three borderland Afghanistan regions.

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Since Colombia's 2016 peace agreement, coca cultivation has expanded. We're working in four Colombian borderland sites.

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Myanmar is the second largest producer of illicit opium in the world. We're working in two Myanmar borderland states.

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‘#COVID-19 is not a great leveller – it singles out & exacerbates marginality & vulnerability. Borderlands are risky, volatile spaces where the pandemic, & the policy response, could have devastating effects.’ Jonathan Goodhand @SOASDevelopment. Watch the full event @RUSI_org:

Excellent discussion at yesterday's @rusi_org webinar on #covid-19 in #conflict zones with @kvonhippel, @bbclysedoucet, General (Ret'd) James Cowan @TheHALOTrust, and Professor Jonathan Goodhand @SOASDevelopment. Watch it here👇

Our partner @COCCAMColombia has launched a new campaign #RostrosQueSiembran (the faces of growers) to to fight stigma against the families that grow coca leaves in Colombia. Find out more at
@Drugs_disorder @Ccajar @CesedUniandes @iepri_bog

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