Building sustainable peacetime economies in the aftermath of war

Drugs & (dis)order is a Global Challenges Research Fund project generating new evidence on how to transform illicit drug economies into peace economies in Afghanistan, Colombia and Myanmar.

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June 28, 2021

Drugs and development: the great convergence?

What is the relationship between illicit drugs and development, and what are the implications of developmentalising drugs? Exploring the potential pitfalls and trade-offs of converging drugs and development policy fields in conflict contexts.

May 27, 2021

Looking back to look forward: outlook and options for drugs and development

Spotlighting drugs and development policy processes in Afghanistan, Colombia & Myanmar. What are the implications of current events unfolding in each country? What can we learn from the past? What opportunities are there to influence policy with research?

May 26, 2021

Pathways to opposing centralised and exclusionary drugs policy in Colombia

Six defining characteristics of the evolution of Colombia's drugs policy and two possible entry point for policy influence with research.

May 12, 2021

Five considerations for international actors trying to engage with drugs policy in Myanmar

Based on analysis of how drugs policies and programmes intersect with conflict, peace, health and development in Myanmar.

Journal Articles
April 19, 2021

International Journal of Drug Policy Special Issue: Drugs, conflict and development

Empirical research on the convergence of the drugs, development and peacebuilding policy fields.

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The research programme will draw on empirical data from Afghanistan, Colombia and Myanmar


Afghanistan is estimated to produce 90% of heroin consumed in the UK. We're working in three borderland Afghanistan regions.

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Since Colombia's 2016 peace agreement, coca cultivation has expanded. We're working in four Colombian borderland sites.

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Myanmar is the second largest producer of illicit opium in the world. We're working in two Myanmar borderland states.

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BLOG: Five reasons why counter-narcotics policy ambitions have failed in Afghanistan and reflections on what this means for those seeking to inform counter-narcotics policymaking and interventions

BLOG: Five considerations for international actors trying to engage with drugs policy in #Myanmar

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