Ethnicity and great power politics: A case of transnational ethnic Kachin of Myanmar and Singpho of Northeast India

Published in Communities, Institutions and Histories of India’s Northeast. By Dan Seng Lawn. At the outset it will be proper to trace the etymological development of the names, Kachin and Singpho. The uncertainty of the meaning of the name gives rise to multiple meanings. From the last part of the eighteenth century onwards, there was […]

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Development zones in conflict-affected borderlands: The case of Muse, Northern Shan State, Myanmar

How are development zones ‘made’ in conflict-affected borderlands? What forms of territorialisation underpin the making of development zones in these contested spaces? What forms of public authority emerge to govern borderland development zones and whose interests do they serve? And how do long-standing histories of illicit border trade, fragmented sovereignty, and unresolved armed conflicts shape governance structures and everyday life in these development zones?

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